Well it has been about a month since I decided to do more run coaching and for that whole time I have been brain storming what I would call the group.  As it stands, I am not sure if it is something that will require it’s own name but I want to have something ready.  I really wanted it to be something to honor my dad (he passed away August 2018 and was a huge supporter of my running and life goals).  I have really struggled to come up with something.  But I am delighted to say I have finally decided and wanted to share the meaning behind it.  I also wanted the name to depict the foundations and important factors of the group.

SOOOO… drum roll please


Stride—because I believe that running technique has a huge impact on your performance and your injury prevention.  The group will become well versed in doing their run drills not just to say they did them but rather to improve their running.

Wise—this is the other vital component to running success in my opinion.  One of the things I have loved about coaching is helping people to work through the mental/emotional aspects associated with running.  It also means training and racing smart. 

You may be wondering how this has anything to do with my dad.  But his name was Steven Walter Moran so I was able to incorporate his initials in to it which is so special to me. 

Dad and I

I look forward to seeing what this group becomes and of course watching each individual chase their goals!

If you want to learn more about the group check out my other website:

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