The below has been my involvement in the media over the past few years.  I am always grateful and excited to be a part of anything out in the media especially when it has to do with running!  And helping others to run faster, better and stronger.

Canadian Running Magazine: Use these pre run drills to improve your running form
March 28, 2022

National Post: How the lockdown forced me to take up running and finally learn how to do it right
May 18, 2020

How the lockdown forced me to take up running and finally learn to do it right

iRun Magazine: My desert island shoe
April 30, 2020

iRun Magazine: Now, what to do with all that training?
April 17, 2020

Canadian Running: Telehealth solution for injured runners
April 2, 2020

iRun Magazine:  What I cannot live without

Canadian Running Magazine + MEC video series #5: cross training for runners

Ask Svveat article:  How do I avoid being sidelined by an injury?

Articles written for Canadian Running Magazine

September/October 2016:  Killer Crossover


November/December 2016:   Core for Runners


March/April 2017:   Shin Splints


May/June 2017:  Tight Shoulders Got You Down?

IMG_1482 (1)

July/August 2017:  Is your achilles your achilles?


September/October 2017: Marathon tips

 September/October 2018: Run strength

Online articles from Canadian Running Magazine:

What’s in my race bag  May 29, 2015

Acupuncture for Runners Fact or Fiction  April 14, 2016

Post Sporting Life 10k win   May 18, 2016

Sporting Life Champ article  May 18, 2017

Quick Strength article  June 5, 2017

Top Canadian results from the 2017 Chicago marathon  Oct 8, 2017

How Brittany Moran crossed passed with an Olympic champion mid-marathon Oct 12, 2017

Back to back Sporting Life 10k champ Brittany Moran shares insight on the bounce back May 18, 2017

Rotterdam & Paris Marathon kick off spring marathon season  April 8, 2018

Lane 6 aims to inspire Canada’s next generation of runners  April 27 2018

Training advice for time crunched runner  Dec 2, 2018

From half to full: How to run your first marathon in 2019  Jan 15, 2019

Strength training for runners Jan 31, 2020

The reluctant runners guide to running Mar 17, 2020

Miscellaneous media:

Intelligencer newspaper Belleville ON April 14, 2015

The Toronto Star:  Nov 20, 2018

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