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  1. Hello – I am the mother of 2 girls who are both runners and very active in other sports as well (Figure skating, cross fit, soccer, etc). After having qualified for OFSAA last year (2015), my oldest daughter had to drop out of the last 2 cross-country meets in the fall (2016) due to shin splints. She has been working with our chiropractor since the fall and has also gone to physio and is still not able to run without experiencing shin pain. She is modifying all cross-fit workouts so as to not injure further. While I have always felt good about our chiropractor (who sounds similar to you as far as philosophy goes) my daughter is obviously very frustrated and wants to be able to run again. I’m looking to know if you have any suggestions for us. We live one hour south of Ottawa (Morrisburg, ON).

    Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Isabella, thanks so much for reaching out and congrats to your daughter for qualifying for OfSAA. I actually had quite bad shin splints myself during my high school days, so I can definitely relate in regards to the frustration. I actually wrote an article on shin splints for Canadian Running magazine. The most recent issue. I demo some exercises and give my advice for shin splints. Has your daughter had her gait analyzed? Please feel free to email me and we can discuss further.
      All the best!


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