Tipping Point

The name of this blog is a bit of an exaggeration…maybe.  My intent with this blog is to discuss the quick transition that can happen from injured to return to run to training to overreaching.  The definition of overreaching is: ‘defeat one’s own purpose by trying to do more than is possible’. I actually laughed … More Tipping Point

Run Healthy…

Well, it was only three weeks ago that I wrote that one of my goals/intentions this year was to ‘run healthy’.  After having looked back it seemed to be a theme, every year I write I want to train smart or run healthy etc.  Then inevitably I find myself caught up in the training plan … More Run Healthy…

2020 reflection

What. A. Year. As I sit here thinking back on the year there are so many things that are quite literally mind blowing. Like did all of that actually happen in real life or are we all going to wake up from this crazy dream when midnight strikes tonight? Unlikely but I will not, totally, … More 2020 reflection

Winter Running Tips

JUST DO IT! …But I can understand it is intimidating if you are new to running or have previously been a fair-weather runner and now are being forced outside in the winter conditions! So here are some tips that I hope will help you along the way, because weather is NOT an excuse to skip … More Winter Running Tips