2021 Goals/Intentions

As we start out in this adventure that is 2021, I wanted to take some time to pause and set some intentions for the year ahead.  This is something I do every year and this post has evolved over time with it initially being a ‘how to’ set goals piece to now more of a setting the tone and intentions for the year.  Feel free to see previous posts if that is more your cup of tea.

This does not mean you need to set lofty goals and change your life as it is now.  But it is nice to take a step back and look at ways to optimize things in your life in order to make sure you are living your happiest life.  By no means am I an expert in this, but as always, I enjoy sharing my journey in the hopes of it maybe helping someone else.

It does feel kind of odd setting goals and intentions after a year with so much uncertainty.  It did not matter what goals you set for 2020, they were probably changed in some way. Hopefully, that has taught us to be more adaptable and open.

Since this has been such an odd year, I looked back to previous blogs to get some inspiration, in doing so I noticed that I repeatedly set out the similar intentions and goals.  So clearly, I am not achieving them to my fullest ability. So here is to this year and putting in an extra effort to make it happen!

So here we go:


  • Work/life balance
    • Allow my schedule to reflect this better and try not to get caught up in working as much as humanly possible
  • Continue exploring other avenues to have an impact
    • Creating more products through StrideWise
    • Pivoting with StrideWise as the world around us changes
    • Maybe even some mentoring
    • Be open to other opportunities and ideas


    • Making sure I am listening to my body
    • Fueling my body appropriately
    • Trying not to get hung up in the numbers
  • Run a marathon
    • This is obviously a big unknown at this point but in a perfect world, my goal is to be on the elite list of a major marathon
    • Continue to aim for 8hrs per night; not always realistic but keep the intent there

The rest of life:

  • Friendships and meaningful relationships
    • Make the time for them and do the work to make it a priority
  • Appreciate the down time
    • Allow myself to embrace down time to be able to be my best self
  • Continue to learn and appreciate the black lives matter movement
  • Continue to be aware and thoughtful in the way I spend money prioritizing small/local business
  • Journal– I received the five minute journal and one line a day journal and am going to do my best to stick with it
  • Read more– another great gift was a kobo and I am hoping it will inspire me to read more.  Send any good book recos my way

Small daily changes I am going to do to make these a reality: checking in on myself.  My hope that the journaling will help with this and allow me to keep myself in check.

As I mentionted above as I looked back on previous goal setting posts.  They all reflect the same tones and quite honestly, I keep making the same intentions at the beginning of the year and finding my way back to old ways as the year goes on.  Which leads me to believe I have not fully embraced them.  SO how can I change that this year and what did 2020 teach me to help me get there?

I really do think 2020 helped open my eyes to slowing down and embracing time a little more.  It also helped me realize the importance of relationships.  I was also reminded of the role stress plays on my mind and body.  I cannot know for certain if I will make change going forward, but the point is that this time I recognized that I have not made as much change in the past as I set out to and that is at least a better starting point. 

Be sure to give yourself some time to set some intentions and goals for the upcoming year. AND be sure to write them down and look back at them often.

Here is to working towards positive change and a happy life!

Happy 2021… we got this!

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