2019 Goals…

It is important at this time of year to take some time to take a step back and reflect on the previous year… see last post.  But to also think about how you want to evolve in the year to come.  Because remember you get to make those choices in life.  It is always hard to look back and realize you did not hit those quantitative goals but that is why it is also of the utmost importance to also set process goals as well.  I did not hit my quantitative goal and that sucks but I have grown a lot through the process.

My over arching goal and intention for the year is to lead a happier fuller life.  I tend to let myself get caught up which causes me to lose myself spreading myself too thin.  So I plan to allow myself to lead a happier and healthier life which of course sounds cliché but it is the truth. 

Steps I will take to do this:
-changing my schedule at the clinic (M- 7-7 / W- 12-8 / Th- 7-1 / F- 7-8)
-taking a day off to focus on coaching
-saying no to things that are not going to have a positive impact
-allow myself to take a step back and make sure I am staying true to this
-get back to my mindfulness —meditating on a regular basis
-live and appreciate the moment
-spend time writing things down I want to journal in order to help sort my thoughts and make sure I am continually on the right path (*thanks for the tip Michelle Obama)

But here are some more specifics for different areas of my life:  

Running: run healthy this will be the over arching goal for my running and I hope it can help to also work on evoking true happiness to be running.
I would be lying if I did not still have some performance goals— I still want to do my best to break 2:40 in the marathon.

Career:  continue to learn and grow as a chiro in order to better help my patients.

New endeavours: become a better and more educated coach by doing courses and reading… lots. Work towards creating a community where everyone is helping to inspire one another.  Be open to allow this to become what it will. 

Family: allow myself to continue to process the loss of my dad.  Meanwhile being a strong support for my mom and sister. 

Okay so now it is your turn to write down some goals. Then decide what the small daily changes you can make in order to make those goals happen?

In the last couple years I have made some large improvements in my running and quite honestly it was all of the things outside of running that made the difference.  So take some time to reflect on what you could do to positively impact your future performances/life. 

Now I am not suggesting you up heave your life and change everything but chose one thing.  Maybe it is doing your drills or strength training or cleaning up your nutrition.  It was over many seasons that I was able to get all of this in line but I do think it is important to make these small changes.

So here is to a new year… let’s make it the happiest and fastest one yet!!!

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