Self Isolation training camp!

Since talking about training for the unknown in my last blog  I thought it would be fitting to give a look in to what my training has looked like over the last 7 weeks in self isolation. Now for me work has certainly slowed down and I have complete control over my schedule (see my blog on lack of routine here:  So I have taken advantage of it from a training standpoint.  When the isolation first started, I was still training for a marathon and it was not until 3 weeks or so in to it that my marathon got cancelled. This of course was unfortunate but not unexpected although a small part of me was hoping that by end of June we would be able to be marathoning again.  But obviously that is not feasible. 

Lucky for me I LOVE training!  And I have always said if at any point I was not enjoying the training I would stop training at this level, and this is certainly the biggest test for that…. And I am still here loving it!  I have been enjoying embracing the process and having a little less pressure on hitting specific paces.  Because #practicewhatyoupreach

So, the first block (marathon training still) we worked up to 160km/wk and ended with a hard 30km effort. This acted to close off the marathon training phase. From there my coach and I decided to switch gears and work on speedier stuff.  However, I have still been running a ton! I basically see this self isolation as a forced training camp albeit alone but hey eat, run, recover, sleep REPEAT!  Just trying to embrace that pro athlete life when given the opportunity. 

Side note: I have been working a lot on other endeavours as well, let’s not get out of hand I am a huge busy body and need to be working on many things all the time.  On that note check out @stridewiserunning today for some exciting announcements TODAY. 

So here is what a normal week has looked like:

Saturday- workout- quick strides + a couple of fast intervals ~20km

Sunday- long run max 2hrs ~23-27km

Monday- easy run ~18-20km

Tuesday- *double day + strength ~28-30km total
primer run in am / strength mid day with StrideWise / workout in evening

Wednesday- easy run + mobililty/yoga ~15-18km

Thursday- *double day + strength ~28-30km total
workout in am / strength mid day with StrideWise / easy run in evening

Friday- easy run + mobility/yoga ~14-18km

Totals have been 120-150km/wk

I do take days off but only every 2-3 weeks.  BUT I have worked a long time to get to that point and do not necessarily recommend it for most athletes.  I also do a third strength session at some point.  And I have been trying to incorporate more mobility + yoga throughout even 10-20mins.  AND NO skipping on the post run stretching. Peggy (my kitten) approves of both of these and loves watching me stretch –> see pics below.

I have been having what I have been referring to as: ‘pro athlete’ days two times (Tues/Thurs) a week where the focus is on the training.  Here is a breakdown of those days:

Wake up, eat something, run #1 (Tuesday that is a primer run / Thursday that is a workout), eat second breakfast, do a little work with feet up, eat a snack, noon- strength with StrideWise, eat lunch, a little more work with feet up, NAP, eat a snack, second run, mobility + active stretching, eat dinner, relax, eat snack go to bed!

Not going to lie those days are tough but SUCH FUN DAYS!!

For me two big changes in self isolation that have a positive impact on my training are RECOVERY & SLEEP.  My career means I am on my feet all day long.  But being at home I am sitting way more which generally is not a great thing but when it comes to training it means I am getting a lot more recovery. 

My schedule typically means I am up at 5:30am and not home until 8:30pm so needless to say there is not much time for optimal sleep so I have been making use of this time to get a minimum of 8hrs of sleep per night. Which has been glorious, and I still do not necessarily feel rested when I get up. This just goes to show how much more sleep I need on a daily basis. How I will change this when things start to return to normalcy is still TBD but I would like to think that I can make some positive changes. 

It has also been great regarding nutrition. Being at home allows me to change up what I am eating more and make sure I am always taking in enough calories with easy access to food. OH and the baking helps with that.

Today ends a big training week; 151km total and I am feeling it!  So I am looking forward to a much lighter week of training next week. Although I am not sure what I will do with the extra time… HA just kidding I am sure I will find something or last resort sleep more! 

ALSO I just want to make note that everyone’s training looks different. By no means do I think people should go out and try to replicate this, it is just a little look in to my training. I hope you have been enjoying your training and embracing the process!

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