How I am dealing without my routine

Well I am headed in to week seven of self isolation.  It is so hard to believe. As a chiropractor my day to day has been significantly different.

I do not know if you are like me but I typically schedule my life down to the minute so suddenly having all this free time can seem super daunting. By no means am I an expert but there are some things I have found helpful when the daily routine has totally fallen a part. The first thing is LISTS!!!!  These are my life line normally but they have become absolutely paramount in my daily routine now.  I try to make a list every day of things to work towards accomplishing that way if I find myself not sure what to do I can refer back to the list.  And who does not love to cross something off a list when they accomplish it. Now I have had to back off the length of the list as at points I have straight up overwhelmed myself but none the less a list is a must for me right now. I have an overall list of all the big things I am working on but then each day I write out a separate one for that day in particular. 

Three things I have found I need in a day

  1. To get my training in
  2. To accomplish something (aside from just my training)
  3. To help someone else whether this is through coaching, virtual chiropractic or otherwise

Training; I typically like to do this first thing so it is automatically something I have accomplished in the day. I have also embraced the opportunity to not only train but also recover like a PRO. Sleeping more, napping on double days and letting my world revolve just that little bit more around training has been really fun!

Accomplishment:  I have been able to find a TON of things I want to get done (stay tuned for some exciting announcements with StrideWise) so working away on that and also BLOGS and Instagram.  Along with getting some webinars and learning in as well. Another area I have been working on is setting up good processes for myself going forward in order to help optimize my time when life gets back to being busier. 

Helping others: Helping other people is such a big part of my life as a chiro and as a coach and so not being in front of patients every day has been really hard! I have been being extra diligent with coaching interactions. And sending check in emails to patients to see how everyone is doing and letting them know I am available through virtual care. (*check out this blog if you want more info on this:

The days I do not feel great about are the ones where I cannot check something off a list that I accomplished.

So anyways these have been strategies that have been helpful for me. And you better believe I have been using a pen and paper when it comes to these lists, because lets be honest how good does it feel when you can literally cross something off… PRICELESS!

The flip side of the above is also embracing the down time and actually taking some time for myself to slow down.  I have been sleeping in, taking the odd nap and generally living at a much slower pace than I typically would.  Oh and cooking and baking way more than is typical in the Harber/Moran household.  I have been enjoying being able to sit down and have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try different things I would not generally be able to have while working.  Oh and who knew watching a movie or show without your computer in front of you could be so enjoyable. To be honest a small part of me has secretly been loving parts of the isolation. And I hope each of you have been able to find things that have brought you joy during this challenging time. Lastly getting a kitten, Pegasus has been an excellent distraction and has brought both myself and my husband so much joy. 

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