COVID Demotivation

This post was originally started when we first went into isolation. So again a few tweaks here and there but here we go…

I have found myself saying ‘what a time to be alive’ a lot lately. This is truly a challenging and interesting time in our lives.  As a chiropractor I cannot work my full time job at the moment.  But luckily for me I have a million other things I have been wanting to do to keep me busy in this time and hopefully get me ahead when we are back to work.

As a run coach I struggled at the beginning of this pandemic. I found a lot of my athletes had become demotivated since the cancelling of all the spring races. (*LUCKY are those that ran chilly)  I really struggled to understand this.  And trying to determine the best ways to help motivate everyone to keep at it.  From my opinion we have basically been given the opportunity to train to our fullest capacity albeit alone.  With the opportunity to recover better and not skip the supplementary things. I understand people are still working but you are saving time in not commuting etc –> do that strength session you have been putting off. 

For me personally I have been running lots. Now mind you my goal race was one of the last ones to be cancelled; but my motivation remains high. I have always said I love training and if you could win training that would be my jam.

I have typed ‘training is never wasted, it is training in the bank whether there is a goal race or not’ many times over the last few weeks.  Please rest assured all the work you put in now will help you in the long run (*literally) and on your next start line.

We are so LUCKY that running is acceptable during these difficult times.  Your running and training is something you can control in a world that feels so uncertain.  It is something you can accomplish each and every day.

I want to help motivate athletes to take advantage of this time and embrace the pressure free run!!  Use this time to really see your potential through training without an end goal.  As I have mentioned before one of the big changes for me in the last year leading to my break through performances was a change in mindset.  And honestly not caring so much about the outcome of a particular race or over thinking a workout that maybe did not go well.  It is honestly life changing and I think this is our opportunity for everyone to get a little piece of this. But in order to do so you have to step back and embrace the process.

It is also a great opportunity to get back to roots of why you started this running journey in the first place. Remember what your why is and have a clear view of it for when the start lines do come back.

Now all of this being said if you were having some persistent niggles than by all means yes skip ahead to the down time in order to heal up and get back at healthy. 
But if you are healthy I think there are three options:

1. finish the cycle get all of the training benefits.  Then take your down time- mentally and physically recover (as if you had run the race) and then get ready to train back up for the actual goal race.

2. change it up– if you have been focused on the marathon work on some speed

3. Need to chill out with it? Than just get out there and run to run

Running has so many benefits in a time like this:

  • Release of endorphins (feel good hormones)
  • Something you can control
  • Gets you outside for some fresh air
  • Gets you moving and sweating
  • Something you can accomplish
  • Keep some of your normalcy
  • Help with boundaries between work and none work hours

At the end of the day can’t we just train to be better? Does it have to be for a particular start line, medal or PB?

I hope runners can use this time to appreciate running for the sake of running.  And in turn take this to their next race day.  I KNOW it will help everyone to unlock some potential if they can learn to run without the pressure and just for the love.  Truly allow yourself to embrace the process and fall back in love with running.

Something I have also found helpful is to find a new challenge that you typically do not make time for that will ultimately help your running.  So for me that is mobility and trying to add in some yoga. And believe me I could certainly use some work!

Here are some ideas on keeping the motivation high:

  • Embrace the PROCESS
  • Remember your WHY
  • Run for the love of running
  • Take the pressure OFF
  • Make it a weekly goal to complete all your runs
  • Do not skip the supplementary stuff
    • Mobility, strength, stretching, rolling
  • Give yourself a new challenge that will help your running
    • For me I am trying to incorporate more yoga and mobility
    • But it could be running some hills
    • Doing a speed run (*I happen to post one every Tuesday 😉)
    • Doing strength work
  • At the end of it all HAVE FUN and CELEBRATE the WINS

AND for now RUN SOLO until we can run together again!

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