2019 reflection + 2020 & beyond

2019 the year I did it all…

2020 the year I need to be smart about it…

I am a little behind in my reflection and goal setting post this year. And since I first started writing this blog a lot has changed in the world, ie a global pandemic. So without even planning it I have already been forced to slow things down in 2020 and I am trying my best to make the most of the time. I thought I would still post it as I had originally written it with some tweaks. My goal over the next couple weeks is to get a few blogs out, cuz let’s be honest it’s been a while. So here we go!

In reflecting I am SUPER proud of 2019.  It was by far my most successful year on many fronts (excluding the blog front):

  • As a chiro at The Runner’s Academy
  • I started my own running team, StrideWise that has taken off
  • I ran the best I have ever run after coming back from a significant injury in 2018

I have joked with my husband that 2019 will be the peak of my career.  And I hope that is not true.  But the reason I said that is because I cannot work as hard as I did over the last year.  I was definitely burning the candle at both ends.  And that can be okay for a little while but it is not sustainable for life. 

It is hard to say this was my most successful year because what truly defines success? And who gets to define it. Well you should define it for yourself. And I think it is something that can evolve over your life. I have always felt like I wanted to prove myself and I feel like this year I did on most fronts of my life. And that in and of itself is a weird thing to constantly be feeling that I need to ‘prove’ myself; like to who?! It is as though I am constantly wanting approval, but if I am satisfying myself I want that to be enough!

But I think it is also important to reflect and recognize that it is probably not sustainable and the way to get the most out of my myself or life in general. Now in 2020 and beyond I need to be better to myself so that I can be the best version of myself. I am still working on what this looks like, and as above it is also something that will continue to evolve over my life. 

I know that stress manifests itself in injuries for me. That is something I have learned and I ran a thin line in 2019 I am sure coming very close to the edge but luckily not exceeding it. 

I want to make sure I build out a life that is more sustainable in order to help others as best as I can while still being able to train to my best capacity.

I am so beyond grateful to have a career that I love and quite literally look forward to going to work.  While away on vacation and over the holidays I was actually excited to go to work.  I love working.  It is such a joy to try to help others. Obviously this was written pre lock down because you better believe I miss going in to work right now. 

How ironic is it that I wrote this blog before the pandemic struck.  And now I have been at home for over 6 weeks allowing a much slower pace of life. 

Goals/Intentionas for 2020: My overall goal is to work towards fulfillment.

  • More consistent sleep- aiming for 8hrs/night
    • Schedule change in order to support this
    • Orrrrr lock down this has certainly improved my sleep habits
  • Strength- work on gaining strength rather than just maintaining
    • 2-3x/wk
  • Mobility- need to work on getting more range through the hips
    • more consistent mobility work + intro yoga
  • Career – find a more sustainable schedule
  • Community- continue to build through StrideWise as best that can be done through lock down
  • Organization- be better at staying on top of business admin work
    • have good processes in place

As these are goals/intentions they will take time to work towards.  But it is important to have a focus. And even though these are not technically ‘SMART’ goals they are where I want to focus my time. I did however write them down which is one key factor. Especially with so much unknown in the world and not even being sure of when I will be working at full capacity or able to race again it is hard to make concrete measurable goals. So for now I will set the above intentions and work towards making them a reality. And using them when deciding where to spend my time.

I just read a book called F*CK NO by Sarah Knight and I hope to put some of her lessons in to action. In making decisions for my life that will lead to my feeling fulfilled not doing everything that comes my way, necessarily.

What goals/intentions are you working towards?

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