Training camp recap #1

First of all I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have just spend the past 11 days on a warm weather training camp. It truly was a dream. I must thank work and my husband for allowing me to peace out on them for this period of time.  Also thanks to the amazing 7 women I got to spend the time with… I am proud to call all of them friends.  It is so wonderful to spend time with women that lead by example and strive to build one another up.  It was truly refreshing.  (*HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY)

This blog will be focused on the work that was done. The next one on the feelings that went along with it.

If you read some of my previous blogs you will know that the week before training camp my foot was irritated and I was forced in to cross training. Luckily I was able to be smart and listen to my body (*and colleagues). This allowed my foot to hold up for all of the training I hoped to accomplish over the week. Huge shout out to Dr. Kris Sheppard that treated me every day leading up to training camp.

So as I listed before the goals for the training camp week were to:
-run the most weekly mileage I ever had
-run my longest quality workout ever
-run my longest long run ever
-most importantly recover and stay injury free

Well I am beyond happy to report I was able to tick off all of those boxes.

So here are the results and numbers.
-I ran 170km in the week
-I ran my longest quality workout 3x 4k on the track (*yep 3 sets of 10 laps— for most of it alone)
-I ran a marathon 42.2k as my long run
-And my body held up throughout the week!
= Success!!!

What have you done lately to push your training forward? We cannot assume doing the same thing cycle after cycle is going to lead to a different (*better) result. After all that is the definition of insanity.
***that being said this must be done progressively over many cycles. I am not suggesting you jump ahead in mileage or long run distance. I have been slowly progressing every cycle I train.

Heading back to Toronto I am beyond excited to keep rolling with this training and get to the starting line in Rotterdam in the best shape of my life. This week will be focused on recovering from this massive week so I can do one more big week before taper time! It is amazing how fast a marathon cycle goes by.

So what did a day look like. Well we ran in the morning usually getting up some time between 7-8am. I only doubled one day after the long workout. I tried to nap most days. We made lots of delicious healthy food. And were in bed sometime between 10-11pm. It was pretty awesome.

Along with running… a lot. We also did some strength, mobility and yoga throughout the week as well.

Other fun highlights were running with Des Linden. I also saw Molly Huddle on two occasions. The first she was headed out to do her run on some desert trails when we had just finished. And the following day I saw her while I was out on my long run. I of course chickened out to say anything to her but later sent her a message on instagram— which she replied to! NBD.

My body definitely got beat up over the week. But remarkably I have limited muscle soreness, which I am thankful for. On the other hand I do have a bruised toe, three blisters and chaffing in places I did not know could chaff. So needless to say this was not sustainable but I am so thankful to my body for allowing me to push my training forward.

Arizona is definitely a Runner’s paradise. We ran on so many great paths made for runners. Some paved and some a little softer surface. It was amazing being here for so long as I started to connect different runs. I definitely hope to be back to train in the Arizona sun soon and highly recommend it as a training g destination.

Stay tuned to my next blog to hear more about the mental side of training camp.

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