Training camp blog #1

I have been doing a lot of reflecting in regards to my running lately (*whats new). And I have had some great revelations.

I was listening to a podcast with the legendary track coach Dan Pfaff on mental resiliency and there were some things that really struck a cord with me.

First one was being curious. I loved this. For me in my running, I have already ran faster than I ever thought I would. So from now on I get to be curious and explore what my potential really is. How exciting is that? This is all versus my old way of thinking would would be having to prove something to run out of fear that I would not be fast enough. I already feel lighter having just come to this revelation.

The other point that hit me was being grateful. How lucky are we that we get to run every day and push ourselves beyond what we thought possible? I feel so very grateful to get to do this every day.  Even when it does temporarily break your heart at some points.

On these notes of being curious and grateful I am headed south for a training camp to play professional athlete for the next week and a half.

The goals for the camp are to:
1- Run the most mileage I have ever run in a week
2- do the longest long run I have ever done
3- do a big quality workout
4- do a second long run with quality in it
5- reflect on how to become the best runner I can be

To go along to support these goals:
1- eat the most calories I have ever eaten
2- nap every day/ get lots of sleep
3- put my feet up when not training
4- blog about it
5- take a step back and write it down

***all of the above is contingent on how my body takes on the stress.  And my ultimate goal is to listen to my body to get the most out of it.

The other exciting part about this training camp is being able to spend time with some absolutely amazing like minded women.  It is so powerful to be able to surround myself with women that help lift one another up.  (*and are cool getting up early, running, napping, eating all the food and going bed early on vacation)

So far things have been going well despite my scare of injury last week.

If you care to read about it stay posted. I plan to get some quality content out about it.

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