Training 2016 edition

I have decided to write some blogs on my training again.  I think I was most focused on my training when I was training for Boston last year.  At that time I was blogging more about my training.  So here it goes!

Well I have made some pretty big changes when it comes to my training.  I have switched coaches.  My previous coach is absolutely amazing and it was by no means a switch because of a lack of trust in her ability to coach me.  It was more so to have a coach in the same city and with a bit more of personalized program to my specific goals.  Megan Brown is now coaching me. So far it has been great definitely some changes so we will see what happens on the roads next weekend.  


So far Megan has been holding back my mileage I hit 130k/wk for one week but aside from that I have been 120-128k/wk.  I am a little antsy to increase the mileage but we have increased the intensity and definitely done more work at threshold.  Turns out threshold really hurts!!  The first few workouts were rough and it had been a long time since I pushed myself that hard.  So I am excited to see where that can take me.  

The first really tough workout was a progression run which Megan actually did with me.  I ran 15k around 4:30 pace then the last 5k we progressed down all the way to 3:30s.  This hurt, I felt like I was dying!!  We have done this same workout three times now.  The second time I ran 20k before heading in to the progression and it felt a little better but still really tough!!  We did the third one last weekend and it felt completely different!!  I felt in control and smooth rather than holding on for dear life like I had felt in the previous two.  It is so exciting to see the body adapt to the training.  The tail wind helped too but that is beside the point.  

u of t track

The other big change has been getting back on the track!!  The first workout I did I realized I had not done a workout on a track for a 6yrs or so.  Just crazy!!  But it has been great and has also been great to see my body adapt to the training.  I have been absolutely loving it!!

Here are the races I am planning to race:

Mar 6, 2016 (*next weekend AHHH) Chilly hallf marathon,  Burlington

Apr 3, 2016  Around the Bay 30k,  Hamilton

May 1, 2016  half marathon TBD

May 29, 2016 Ottawa Marathon (*A goal)

*there may be some shorter races thrown in there as well but these are the ones we really want to hit.  

Hope everyone else’s training is going well and everyone is getting excited to get out there and race!!

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