New Years Goal Check IN!


Well we are over one month into 2016 now so it is time to reflect on how you are holding up on your new year’s goals.

Have you held up to what you set out to do?

Hopefully you wrote them down so now is the time to check in on those goals.  

The goal that has been a struggle for me is reading one book per month.  I have made an effort to read more but I think it was a bit too aggressive so I am going to adjust to reading one new book per ¼ of the year.  Which will still be an improvement for me.  I hate to admit that I cannot attain a goal but in this case as I mentioned it was more than I could handle with also having lots I want to read for my career as well.   

If you take a moment to reflect and realize that you have not been able to stick to your set out goals.  Take some time to decide why and make adjustments either to the goal or to your plan of attaining the goals.  Do not be discouraged and quit the goals altogether!

cause of failure

Do not be afraid of failing.  If you fail it only means you pushed yourself as far as you could possibly go.  That is exciting and likely means you have reached a whole new level.  Embrace that instead of focusing on not achieving the exact set out goal.

can not fail

One thing that comes along with achieving your set out goals is being proactive in the lead up.  It is always better to be proactive versus reactive when it comes to achieving goals.  In the case of running that sometimes means being proactive with keeping yourself moving well.  Whether that means being diligent with a mobility routine or getting manual therapy (chiro, rmt, physio).  Whatever it is find what works for you and stick to it.  I personally use a mobility routine, chiro, physio and massage to help me towards my goals. Below is me getting some acupuncture and multi tasking in the recovery boots.  

img1453417333682 (1)

The other part of keeping yourself moving well is keeping yourself STRONG!!  If you are training for races in the spring you should be doing strength work now.  By strength work I do not mean you need to be spending hours in the gym.  Even just some specific focused exercises for 20mins 2x per week can make a huge difference in attaining your goals!  My goal for January was to do strength work 3x/wk as this is more the base training.  And I agree with all of you, I would rather be running compared to strength training…. BUT if the strength training is going to keep me running then I am game!   If you are not sure what you should be doing to run better give us a call at The Runner’s Academy!!

At the end of the day reflect on why you made the goals in the first place.  This should help you to want to stick to them.  


As a sign off I thought I would share some of the great recipes I have been enjoying making every week!  So far I have stuck to at least 1 new recipe per week!

Slow cooker beef stroganoff:

Slow cooker turkey taco soup:

Black bean brownies:
*this is a blog by a friend of mine, Sarah Elliott and she always has great recipes!!

I also made risotto which was delicious but far too time consuming for my liking hence the slow cooker meals listed above haha.

All the best in achieving your GOALS for 2016!!!
You can do it!

never give up

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