Goal Setting 2016 Edition

Please refer to my previous blogs on goal setting for my specific tips relating to ‘SMART’ and ‘ACT’ acronyms in regards to goal setting and how to most effectively set them.  You can view those blogs here:  https://torunningchiro.com/2014/12/31/goal-setting-hints-and-tips/ and https://torunningchiro.com/2015/01/12/outcome-vs-step-goals/


First thing is first as I discussed in my last blog post I think it is of the utmost importance to reflect on the year you have had.  Did you hit all of your goals?  If yes than awesome continue to push those goals this year or chose something totally different to focus on.  If not, than why did you not hit those goals?  Really take some time to reflect and decide what you could have done better to hit the goals.  Or is it just a matter of tweaking that goal slightly.  I rarely hit my ‘gold (A)’ goals but that is why I set them, because they are a challenge.  Check out my reflection blog here:  https://torunningchiro.com/2015/11/30/my-goal-race-is-done-now-what/ &  https://torunningchiro.com/2015/12/31/2015-a-year-in-review/

write it down

I think it is important to constantly be setting goals for yourself.  But I know at this time of year there is an added emphasis on goals.  So I always find it useful to take some time to WRITE DOWN my goals for the year.  I like to also put these written down goals somewhere obvious where I will see them every day.  For me that is on my mirror in the bathroom where I get ready every morning.  


This is what my 2015 goals currently looks like and you know what… I did not hit ANY of those goals.  But I got closer to them as I mentioned I am quite an ambitious goal setter but I expect a lot out of myself and am not settled with anything less… alas I will keep working towards and beyond these 2015 goals.

shoot for moon

-Norman Vincent Peale

This has always been my philosophy: if you do not try you will never know.  Sometimes this comes back to get me.  For example in a half marathon where I try to go out harder than I maybe should… but there is always a lesson to be learned.  And hopefully one day I will follow through on these lessons and put together a good half marathon haha.

set a goal

As I discussed in my earlier goal setting blogs do not get caught up in all goals being outcome related.  Sometimes (most times) we need to set goals for during the process in order to attain the outcome we are looking for.  In your reflection was there anything you found that you could improve on that will lead you to attaining the goals you are chasing?

Success steps

Remember also that goal setting does not have to be just for running it should be a part of other aspects of your life as well.  Whether it is work, relationship or lifestyle related.  For example one of my goals is to read more in the new year.  I have yet to set anything quantitative on this but I will.  I also want to cook more.  Not to say that I do not cook now… but I want to cook food that is healthy and tastes good.  I always joke that I prepare fuel and do not cook meals.  The baked chicken, sweet potato and veggies can only stay exciting for so long.  So I challenge you to set work and lifestyle goals as well.  The running ones are easy but sometimes it is hard for us to take a step back out of our routine and reflect on what we could do in order to benefit our lifestyles and work environments.  Are you being the best version of yourself?  That is a scary and intimidating question but I think we owe it to ourselves and the people around us to be the absolute best we can be.  I know I get caught up in the busy life I lead and sometimes feel lost at times so it is a great time to reflect on those feeling and decide what I could do to improve myself.


I think it is also beneficial to take a look at what your long term goals are.  What are you really shooting for down the road and then back up and decide how you get there.  What can you do this year to get yourself that much closer to those goals?

So here is my updated 2016 goals in regards to running:

Running Outcome Goals:

  • marathon: sub 2:45 in my next marathon
  • half marathon: 1:17
  • 10k: 34:**
  • 5k: sub 17mins

Run Training (step) Goals:

  • be consistent with strength training: at least 2x/wk
  • be consistent with proactive manual therapy– keep myself moving well as to not run into any injuries
  • increase the pace of my ‘easy recovery’ runs (*provided this does not become detrimental to my ‘quality’ work)
  • increase my mileage to 140k for multiple weeks and a peak of 150k (*again provided this is not detrimental to my ‘quality’ work)
  • do more runs/workouts with people at my pace (*I have a bad habit of not being able to run with people during races)

Work goals:

  • continue to grow my practice at The Runner’s Academy
  • continue to build my brand TORunningChiro–> get 1000 followers on Twitter and 500 on instagram
  • continue to get out and be involved  in the Toronto running community
  • continue to learn– CE courses and continued applicable reading

Lifestyle goals:

  • read more– 1 book per month (*see already added the quantitative aspect)
  • cook better– 1 new recipe per week

Long term goals:

  • break 2:40 in the marathon

So there you have it I am on the hook for these goals.  I encourage you to do the same.  But remember everyone’s source of motivation is different.  So if something like this is not motivating to you be sure to take the time to decide what would motivate you and do that.  On the other side of that do not allow yourself be intimidated by setting goals.  Like I said before I did not hit any of my 2015 running goals but I got closer and that is what matters as long as you are headed toward the goals than you are on the right track… just keep at it!! Consistency is huge especially when it comes to distance running…. Or at least that is what I am banking on!

Here is to a exciting and goal achieving 2016!!!  Happy New Year!!



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