Outcome vs. Step Goals

This is a blog post is a follow up to my previous goal setting blog.  I was inspired to write this after having a conversation about goal setting with a colleague.  She noted that she had been talking to a lot of people about their goals and a lot of them seemed very outcome based.  It is great to set outcome goals… BUT you have to also make sure you are putting the steps in place in order to get to those outcomes.  I think a lot of us get caught up in the hype of new year’s resolutions but it is important to remember that big goals only happen if the right steps are taken.

So set your big outcome goal but also set smaller goals that are going to help you get to this big goal.  Set a time line of when these smaller goals need to be accomplished.  Sometimes there needs to be lifestyle changes that need to occur… so how are you going to make them happen?  It is so important to make them realistic so you can achieve them and feel good about how far you have come.

For example if you want to lose weight what are some small lifestyle changes you can make every day that are going to help you get to the goal weight?  Maybe it is decrease alcohol consumption or bringing a lunch to work instead of eating out.

Of course be sure to write all of this down or it does not count!  Below you can see my running goals on my bathroom mirror so I am forced to look at them every day.

Have fun setting goals but be sure to be smart about it!

All the best in 2015!
2015 running goals



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