Year in review & goal setting 2017

Well it is hard believe the time has come again to set goals for the new year that is upon us.  But as I have always said I think it is first important to reflect on the year behind us in order to learn and grow from these experiences.  My previous goal setting blog can be viewed here:

As you can see I did not hit most of my outcome running goals… but I got closer to them.  This will be the THIRD year I am writing the SAME marathon goal!!!  So do not feel bad if you have not hit your goals.  Really the only running outcome goal I hit was my 10k and it was sporting life… so does it even count?  Whatever… I will take it!  But I added a goal through the year and ran a track race for the first time in 7yrs and hit my goal of a sub 10min 3k.



I did however make changes and hit all of my step goals for running.  And this is a big thing as it did get me closer to my goals and building on consistent seasons will only help me to crack those goals.

I also got injured which really sucks.  But with every set back there is an opportunity to learn.  And I have learned a lot and  I think it has helped me to grow as a runner and as a practitioner as well.  My empathy for any cross training patients is legit and I feel your pain.  But it is important to reflect on why the injury happened and what you should change in order to avoid it in the future.  For me I honestly think my injury was due to me burning the candle at both ends.  The past summer was extremely busy and I continued to train through it as it was what was keeping me sane.  But in reality we have to approach our training from a more holistic approach we are not separate beings (work being, athlete being etc) we are one and you have to take all of life stresses (good or bad) in to account.  So lesson learned.  And it has opened my eyes to some different avenues of treatment.  I have also learned that I can in fact push myself hard on a spin bike and in the pool.  It has also given me time to reflect on the reasons I love running so much.  It really is true there is nothing quite like it.  Being outside in nature and moving and pushing yourself it is just the best thing ever.  But we also have to keep our perspective in tact running will always be there and it is going to be that much more AWESOME when you get back to it.


I had some aggressive lifestyle goals which I did not hit butttt it did open my eyes to trying new things.  I tried more recipes and I did read more and found books I enjoy and that I want to read. I highly recommend all of these books.  So I will take that as a win as well.


In regards to work I definitely continued to grow my practice at The Runner’s Academy (*thanks to everyone who came and saw me!!).  I continued to build my TORunningChiro brand and did hit over 1000 followers on twitter and surpassed my 500 follower goal on Instagram and also am over 1000 followers.  So thanks for following me!  I most definitely became more involved with the running community through working with Nike Run Club!  I have absolutely loved this opportunity to work with more and more runners and I am so excited to see what 2017 has to offer!  This has probably been one of the most inspiring part of my 2016.

cred: Tobias Wang

So all in all I think 2016 was a very successful year on fronts that I was not as focused on.  I got to be a part of other people’s running journey’s and it was beyond inspiring.  So thank you for involving me and I hope I was able to give you some inspiration as well!

Oh and I got married which was exciting to say the least!  And we traveled to Europe for the first time and I had the chance to run in some pretty amazing places on our honeymoon.
wedding-nikes       img_0288


Okay now enough dwelling on the past it is time to turn our focus forward and plan for 2017.


A big topic that my coach (Megan Brown) has been mentioning is process goals versus outcome goals.  Which is what I talked about a lot in my last blog about goals— step versus outcome goals.  Making the steps you need to take to achieve the outcome goals a goal as well.  I think this definitely helped me.  As I reviewed my goals from last year I realized I had made those changes towards my goals.  This means changing the focus on the way you are preparing yourself to the meet goal.  That way if the outcome goal does not happen due to weather or unforeseen circumstances you can still walk away from the season with a sense of accomplishment. Because you have made those changes.


My outcome running goal for 2017 will remain to break 2:45 in the marathon.  But for the process I want to work on the things outside of training.  I know I can train myself to get in to that shape so I want to work on being diligent with strength work and preventative care.  I also want to continue to work on my mental game as well.  All while making sure I am stilling having fun and loving every second of it.

In regards to actual goal setting remember the SMART accronym.  Make it specific, measurable, accountable, realistic and time bound.  You can read more about these in my previous blog:
And most of all…. write it DOWN!!!  And if you are like me put it in a place where you have to look at it every day (*bathroom mirror).

happy to report one of these is down

Be sure to really spend some time reflecting on why you want to hit your goals this will keep you emotionally tied to it.  It may even be worth writing down the why, the steps to get there and the outcome goal.  And hold yourself accountable.  Check in every month and see how you are doing on implementing those steps to get you to that outcome.


Running Outcome goals:

-this year I am going to change it up and focus in on the marathon goal of sub 2:45 and do whatever I need to, to make it happen

Professional goals:

-be more consistent with blogging
-continue to grow and be a better coach to the NRC community
-continue to build my practice at The Runner’s Academy
-take at least two continuing education courses

Lifestyle goals:

-continue to read more
-be a better friend
-get in to more of a routine with a more consistent bed time and wake up time
-manage my busy life better and be better at recognizing when I need a break and taking said break

I try to make this post a little different every year so feel free to read my other goal setting blog not mentioned above here:

All the best in your goal setting adventures and have a safe, happy, healthy and FAST 2017!!!


Go set those goals and make them happen, you got this!!!!

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