Guess what?! I am a chiropractor!

What I do as a chiropractor?
In short:

  • I treat the whole body
  • I help the injury go away
  • I assess your posture
  • I find weaknesses and imbalances
  • I give active care
  • I help you move better
  • I help you run better
  • But more importantly I try to find the route of the problem through analyzing the whole person and watching you move

What I do as a Chiropractor?
The long version:

If you follow me on any of my social media, you will know I spend a lot of time running and coaching running through Nike+ Run Club Toronto.  I absolutely love running and coaching.  I feel so lucky that my career has led me to involve my passion of running.

But did you know when I am not running or coaching I am also a chiropractor!  I am fortunate enough to work at a clinic called The Runner’s Academy (  We work with a lot of runners of all levels, but of course do not discriminate so non-runners are, obviously, also welcome.


Contrary to (*what used to be) popular belief as a chiropractor I do a whole lot more than treat and adjust the spine.

I have a colleague (Dr Ashley Worobec check out her blog: who referred to herself as a body mechanic.  I have always thought this was such a great description of what we do as chiropractors.

The end goal is to get you back to whatever it is you want to be doing as fast and safely as possible.  And of course, to try to prevent the initial issue from happening again.  A part of this may even include helping you to do the movement task better than what you were doing before coming to see me.


One of the things I do a lot of is watch people run and help them to improve their running technique to be more efficient.

I also help people with working on strength imbalances and movement issues, through active care.

Assessing your posture and identifying any issues with this is key to allow your musculoskeletal system to perform optimally.  If your posture is not lined up your muscles cannot function fully.

I have many tools in my tool box to help me with the above.  These include spinal and extremity adjusting.  I have also taken Active Release Technique courses so I do a lot of soft tissue therapy as well.


I always want to encourage the patient to be in as much control of their issues as they can.  I do not just want to make your pain go away.  I want to fix the problem!

Another tool I use a lot is contemporary medical acupuncture, which I became certified in from McMaster University.  Acupuncture is a great tool it works in three ways all of which can benefit the musculoskeletal system.
1. It works to increase blood flow and therefore the healing to the injured area.
2. It can restart the healing process in something that has become a chronic issue.
3. It also helps to relax tight muscle tissues.  If you ask me, it is a pretty great option for a lot of musculoskeletal issues.


Care is always collaborative with the patient and I always want to make sure I am doing what will be most beneficial to the patient.  Our appointments are 30mins long allowing me to get a sense of how you are doing that day and spend the needed time on treatment and active care.


If any of the above sounds like something you may be interested in or if you have further questions, please feel free to contact me


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