Race in Review: The lead up to Boston

I split this blog into three parts pre race, the race and post race.  Once I started writing I just kept going!  Hope you enjoy!

I am not really sure where to begin when writing this post. Even though it is three days post race I am still somewhat in shock as to all the events of the weekend.

So let’s start at the beginning. We arrived in Boston Saturday afternoon checked in to our hotel and headed straight to the expo. Sooooo happy we got to the expo 2 days before the race… It was craziness!  So many people, so many exhibits and a whole lot of running. Typically this would be a place I could spend a lot of time (and money) but with my nerves as they were we did not spend too much time.  I did however by the traditional boston jacket and a couple shirts to wear to work.bib pick up

I had a great sleep Saturday night which always makes me feel good because back in high school my coach told me that you perform on the sleep two days before the race and I to this day still go by that no matter how much truth there is to it.

I did a 4k run along the waterfront with strides, drills and mobility. Everything seemed to be feeling good so my mind could be at ease for the rest of the day. I had found a lunch restaurant I wanted to eat at (I am quite a fussy eater when it comes to races). After two cab rides and getting lost in a sketchy area we finally found it and it was perfect!
shake out run
In the afternoon the rest of my cheering squad arrived. So they came by to visit. This consisted of my mom, my dad and my aunt along with two girlfriends from undergrad. It was great to see everyone and feel the huge amount of support I had backing me.

Dinner was with a fellow SPR coached athlete and his mom. It was delicious but I won’t lie due to the lack of non wheat options we went to the hotel restaurant and I had a side of rice to make sure my carbs were at an optimal level for race day. Then it was bedtime for me.

Throughout all of this and for the past two weeks for that matter I had been checking the weather and it was consistently getting worse.  As it stood it was predicted to be 3 degrees Celsius, windy and raining… If I had to say what my least favourite weather to run in is… That’s it!  But regardless I was still going to try to have my greatest run ever!

greatest run ever

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