Taper week: my least favourite week of the training cycle

I know some people love taper week… Personally I hate it!  Although this training cycle was the first time when I could tell my body needed it. As I mentioned in my last post I had strained my vastus medialis muscle and it took me out for a few days which in the end was a good thing as my body just needed a little extra rest.

I took two days off in taper week. My longest run was on the Monday 12k with a workout (in the pouring rain… Foreshadowing ?). The rest were all under 8km. Hardly seems worth getting changed to go for a run at that distance after the training I have been doing.

Running is a huge part of my life (if you hadn’t noticed) and to have to restrict the running I do even for a week is really tough for me. It’s a constant battle in my head of should I run more or not. Luckily now that I have a coach I can put those decisions on her. Because when told I will listen as I truly do trust my coach (she’s done a pretty awesome job… Lots of pbs in 2014 and hopefully more to come in 2015).

I also hate how I start to feel my legs start to ache and I am hyper sensitive to any ache or pain. Mike joked that that’s what it feels like when your legs are fresh… Not a feeling I know well.  I will do one last shake out run in boston on Sunday and then it’s go time!

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