Running real talk

Running is a (*can be a) heart breaker. Sometimes you give it everything you have and you spend time supporting it with appropriate rest and recovery. And sometimes it bites you in the ass. I am going to give you some real talk about how I have felt about running this past week. Because it … More Running real talk

Reflections 2017

Well it is that time of year again.  Reflection and goal setting time.  One of my favourite times of the year!!!  It is always exciting to turn the page and set yourself up to work towards new goals. As one year comes to an end it is important to take a step back and look … More Reflections 2017

Your impact

This is a blog post for everyone that helped me raise money last year for the Alzheimer’s society.  As I said before I was overwhelmed by the generosity!! I ended up raising $9000 far exceeding my original goal of $2000!!! So thank you thank you!!! I recently received an email about the impact your donations … More Your impact