Post Boston… Now what?

Most people would take some down time and reflect on the race season they have just completed after running an epic race such as the Boston Marathon… and I would completely agree that is the correct method to take.  But as humans we are greedy individuals.  So after taking some down time post Boston I have decided to extend my season for another month.  Here is what I have planned.

On Tuesday I leave for the east coast to visit my friend from chiropractic college D’Arcy Stonehouse.  And although I am so excited to see her, it is not the main reason for my trip.  I will be taking part in the cabot trail relay with the SPR Angels.  This is a 276.33km, 17 leg relay race check it out  This is my kind of relay!  I have done a few relay races somewhat like this for fun during univeristy.  And I tell everyone we are doing this for fun buttttt…. our team goal is to win and break the record… which is fun right?

My leg is the 4th one which is awesome because I run mid day on the first day the not so awesome part is the mountain like 2.1km hill I have to climb half way through it.  But I love a good challenge.  We have 15 women going so there will be two that run twice, I am not one of them.

After returning on Monday from the East coast I work a couple days (at The Runner’s Academy check us out  I head out west to Calgary for the Canadian half marathon championships.  This will be an interesting experiment as I know I am asking a lot of my body to race again in this over extended season (my first race was Mar 1 2015).  And to go along with that Calgary is at increased elevation which I have never run at… maybe I will have rookie luck and it will not affect me.  But regardless my goal is to run sub 1:20 and see where that lands me in the rankings.

THEN after that June 1 I am taking some time off and reflecting on the season and planning goals for the fall.  I am so excited to see what is to come!  But for now I am really looking forward to the upcoming races.

Training has been a struggle for me post Boston because I was on such a high post Boston I really just wanted to keep at training and not let up.  Which of course is a terrible idea and I am so thankful to have a coach to keep me in check.  So I took 6 days off (it is amazing how fast I fill the usual run time– how did I run 120km/wk again??).  Than another week easy runs and I am back into workouts now and have been for a couple weeks but mileage is still relatively low (since when do I think 80-85km is low??).  I am hoping to play it smart over the next few weeks and be able to ride my fitness out to two more solid races this season.  But as I said this is an experiment to see how my body responds when I ask it to stay at race level for a prolonged period of time.

Let’s see what happens!!

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