Race in Review: Boston Marathon… The fairy tale ending

…I saw Liza Howard at the finish line whom I had met the previous year at the Ottawa marathon where she just best me. This year she got across the line quicker but with the adjustment of actual time I came out on top.  And to my surprise I got my B goal in a time of 2:49:59!!  Amazing!!!boston done
The absolute worst part of the whole marathon was walking through the finishing chute. It was so so so cold and painful. I walked right to my hotel (which was amazing) where my friends and boyfriend were waiting for me along with all of the hotel staff to congratulate me!  It was not until later up in the room when I got a tweet from @NoelPaine that we realized that I was the FIRST CANADIAN FEMALE across the line!!!  This was huge, Mike and I had joked about it and I knew there was of course a chance but in a marathon you never know what is going to happen… you just have to run the race!  I was so ecstatic about this news and could hardly believe it. Then the outpouring of congratulations through texts, emails and social media began and it has not really stopped. I am beyond grateful for all of the love and support everyone has given me!!

Picture 2http://registration.baa.org/2015/cf/Public/iframe_ResultsSearch.cfm?mode=results

We went to the after party at Fenway park which, had it not been freezing cold and still pouring rain would have been absolutely amazing. But we made the most of it.  The Samuel Adams 262 beer definitely helped!

ran boston for the beer  post run party  green monster

This race was very special to me because this race was for my dad.  I have raised well over $8000 for the Alzheimer’s society in his honour.  I truly believe I was able to stay so focused in the race because I was running for something bigger than myself.  Maybe what this comes down to is that we need to find the meaning of why we do this, what is our motivation and who are we doing it for.  When we find this I do not think there is anything that can stop us

dad and i day after boston      dad and post boston

To say this was a perfect weekend for me would be an understatement I ran potentially my most well executed race ever, I had family and friends with me and it all took place in the great city of Boston!  But…. It gets even better

…The day after the marathon my boyfriend Mike proposed to me in the Boston Common and it could not have been more perfect!!!  These last few days have been so amazing and I am so thankful!!!

post engagement
Mike and I right after getting engaged in the Boston Common!

Thank you to everyone for the huge amount of love and support I have received in the last week it has been completely amazing and overwhelming!  I am so thankful to each and everyone of you!  Also thank you to all the amazing organizers, security and volunteers at the Boston Marathon it really was a spectacular event and you should all be proud to be a part of it!  Thank you also to everyone who donated to the Alzheimer’s Society through my event I am leaving it open until tomorrow for any last minute donations:  https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/FundraisingPage.aspx?registrationID=2677043&langPref=en-CA&Referrer=%26Referrer%3dhttp%253a%252f%252fwww.memorymakersforalzheimers.ca%252f#&panel1-1
I am so excited to get back to training and continue to improve my times!!!  But first 1 more day off and an easy week than back at it!

cheering squad

Thanks Boston, it really was my GREATEST RUN and weekend EVER!!!  Now it is back to reality and work as a chiropractor at The Runner’s Academy in Toronto… check us out on facebook, twitter (@therunnersacad) and instagram (@therunnersacademy) for lots of great running related info!!!

bostonmarathon_generic_slidergreatest run ever

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