Run for HEART

Well I am inspired!

I was at the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s run ambassador kick off event tonight and I must say they did a wonderful job of getting us inspired!!


It was so great to meet the other run ambassadors as I have only known them through social media as of yet.  It is so great to meet like minded people that want to do good!  It was also a pleasure meeting the people behind the scenes at the Heart & Stroke Foundation that make the Ride for Heart and for the first time the associated run happen!! 

They let us know some devastating facts:  did you know every SEVEN MINUTES we lose one Canadian to heart disease or stroke?!?!?  That is CRAZY!!!  And it must change.  If you think back, your life has probably been impacted in some way by heart disease and stroke.  Let’s help the Heart & Stroke Foundation make it so that your life does not become further impacted by this. Let’s #createsurvivors.  The Heart & Stroke Foundation’s vision is: “Healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.  Together we will make it happen.”  Their mission is to “prevent disease, save lives and promote recovery.”  They do this by investing in life saving research, being advocates of health and engaging Canadians.  A very well rounded platform that I support fully.

Last year when I ran the Boston Marathon I fund raised for the Alzheimer’s Society (you can read more about that in previous blog posts

I was so amazed and touched by all of the generosity I received from so many people!  I am excited to announce that this year I will be fundraising for the Heart & Stroke foundation through their ride for heart run.  I want to challenge you to fund raise as well.  It was amazing how energized and impacted I felt during my race from fundraising for a great cause.  Aside from that it is amazing how much of an impact you can really make!!

How can you help?  Well you can sign up to ride, run or walk on the Gardiner expressway on June 5, 2016.  It will be EPIC!!  And as a BONUS if you sign up on January 21, 2016 the registration will cost you ZERO dollars… so do it NOW!!

Be sure to join my team TORunningChiro & friends (team name can be changed)!!  If you happen to have something you absolutely have to do on June 5 that is better than running down the Gardiner than you can donate to the cause!!  I am running a marathon the week before so I cannot imagine there are too many legit excuses!!

Happy training and see you on the Gardiner expressway in June!!



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