Back at it…

Well I have been on quite the hiatus from my blog in the last few months.  But I am back at it!  I thought I would start off with an update on my training and goals for the fall race season.

After the long drawn out spring season I was definitely in need of some down time from running.  That lasted for a week or so and then I was anxious to get back into training.  Although, even when I got back into the build I was having trouble wrapping my head around running another marathon in the fall.  After a month or so of increasing my mileage and re introducing workouts I got the itch to build up to marathon distance.
finishing km
I had a meeting with my coach Nicole Stevenson and we discussed options for a fall marathon.  We narrowed it down to doing either Philadelphia Nov 22 or Houston in Jan 2016.  I thought about it for a while and decided to go with Philly as I think it would be difficult to keep at marathon intensity all the way to January.  Although with the sudden change in temperature I am second guessing my decision as I am less than excited to run through a potential snow storm.

So as it stands now my A goal race is Philly full marathon with a goal of going sub 2:45 and my B goal is Scotia half marathon (*in 2 weeks) of going 1:17.

I am feeling really strong and ready for these ambitious goals.  We have pushed my mileage a lot so far this season.  In the last 5 weeks I have run 650km with a peak week of 140km.  Last season my highest week was closer to 120km.  So needless to say I have been impressed with how well I have taken on the challenge of increasing my mileage.  I have still be able to get quality intensity in and it has not made me feel too fatigued.  I honestly feel the most comfortable at the higher mileage, I really love it and my body responds well to it.

womens 5k 2015

I ran the women’s 5k race at the end of August and was happy with a 6s pb on that course.  I did not run the best race going out 5-10s/km faster then I should have.  But I was able to hang on to second place and run in the time that I was expecting.

Last weekend the angels and I went up to a teammates cottage in Haliburton for some hilly running, laughter and relaxation.  It was wonderful and allowed me to get in a solid double with a half marathon in the am at marathon pace.

training camp

What have I been doing to stay healthy and injury free while pushing my limits?

  • STRETCHING and working on mobility.  Active isolated stretching has made a huge difference in my training.  If I do not do it post run I really feel it on my next run and feel as though I am hobbling for the first few km.
  • Strength, I have been making sure to be diligent with my strength training and going a minimum of once but most weeks two times per week to the gym to work on run specific strengthening.
  • Supportive manual care including massage, chiropractic and acupuncture.  When pushing your body to your upper limits it is important to support it with appropriate care.
  • Sleep, this is a big one for me I am trying to make sure any time I have the chance to sleep a little longer I take it.  There are many studies that have linked sleep and injuries.  So make sure you are getting enough shut eye!!
  • Nutrition, I have also been working with a naturopath Dr. Ashley James at The Runner’s Academy.  She is wonderful and has been helping me be better with appropriately timed fueling and helping with recovery as well.

I hope everyone’s training is going well and I look forward to seeing many of you on the line in just over two weeks!!!

Happy training!!!

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