Road2Boston: Training Log 1

After taking 2 weeks (relatively) off from running I was back at it in the last couple weeks of November.  It was a slow build and was really just focused on getting out for some easy runs.  Come December I was still feeling less rested then expected.  But in hindsight I probably should have taken a few more days off in November considering I ran more races this past season then I have since my varsity days.  Regardless I took my time easing in with mileage and just kept things light and easy for most of December.  Near the end of December I was able to increase my sleep and it made me feel a lot better so I was able to build a little more come the end of December.  I was quite anxious to get going but my coach was definitely holding the reins.

Finally January hit and I was promised we were going to ramp up the training.  So I started back to workouts and began increasing my mileage.  First week of Jan I finished with 75km.  The second week I added in team workouts including hill repeats, a tempo and long run of course.  If any of you know Glenn Edyth hill in Toronto you know these hills are not to be taken lightly.  I finished that week with 85.7km.

Last week I finished with a 90km week, including hills, 9km tempo and 26km long run.  I have been able to stay true to my goal of two strength sessions per week.  I think this will help to make a big difference in keeping me healthy and strong!

Goals for my training in 2015 are:
-strength training at least once a week but to try for two times per week.  So far so good on that one.
-sleep more– 7-9hrs per night this one is tough but I am working on it

For the remainder of January I plan to continue to increase my mileage to 100km by the end of January and get my long run to 30km.

I hope everyone’s training is holding up great in this cold weather we are being blasted with.  Remember that these tough winter runs help to make you stronger come spring races.  If you can finish a run in minus THIRTY in January you can make it to the FINISH LINE in April!!

Also just a reminder I am fund raising for the Alzheimer’s Society research department for my efforts of training and racing the Boston Marathon.  My dad has early onset Alzheimer’s and it sucks!  So I wanted to try and do something to make a difference.  The fund raising site is
Please feel free to pass this on to any of your contacts and donate if you would like!

Happy training!


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