2014… A year in review

This was an exciting year for me on the career and running front.  I hope everyone is taking some time to reflect on their year.

Here is mine:

Running Achievements:

  • Ran my first marathon!!!
  • Joined a running team (for the first time in 5 years) Stevenson Performance Running  www.runwithspr.com.  I have absolutely loved it and you can see below it has been working!
  • Ran in the elite category in a variety of races
  • Ran 5 personal best times!!!
    • Full- 2:56.49 (Ottawa), Half- 1:19.48 (STWM), 10k- 35:56.1 (Toronto Yonge St), 5k- 17:38.1 (Women’s Run) then two weeks later 17:08.1 (B&O)

Career Achievements:

  • Now working at two chiropractic jobs in the city (Toronto)
  • Landed my dream job working with all different levels of runners at The Runner’s Academy.  Helping people to keep running and showing them how to run better!
  • Selected to be a volunteer chiropractor at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am games in summer 2015 http://www.toronto2015.org/volunteer (Join me!!)

Other exciting endeavors:

  • I did two running photo shoots
  • Hope to do more of this in the future
  • Started to be involved with a documentary on early onset alzheimer’s called ‘Much Too Young’ with Chris Wynn

Looking ahead to 2015:

Goals for 2015:

  • Strength training- at least 1x/wk
  • Run a PB in the marathon
  • Run with as many different Toronto run crews as possible
  • Sleep more- 7-9 hrs/night
  • Continue to grow my chiropractic practice and be involved in the Toronto running scene
  • Blog more- at least 1x/mo
  • Be more consistent with book keeping

*See my next post for some tips on goal setting!

Let’s do this!!!  2015 is going to be a GREAT year!!!

All the best to everyone!!!

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